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We operate an integrated FNOL and third party capture service.  High-quality claims handling starts with high quality FNOL, and we manage claims notification in-house using our own trained people.

  • Cq Motor supports client-specific response and branding
  • Call handling telephony ensures compliance with service levels and supports bespoke reporting
  • Liability assessment and triage by claims experts at the point of FNOL
  • Immediate handover to Pro-active outbound third party capture services and handover to designated suppliers for provision of third party repair, engineering and replacement vehicle services
  • Third party capture and repair supply chain for damage to property as well as vehicle damage

We can evidence significant third party capture savings as well as market leading capture rates.  Our FNOL service provides a rich data capture which supports:

  • Early identification of large losses
  • Accurate ground up reserving from the outset
  • Early identification of claims to be investigated for fraud
  • Early, accurate assessment of liability
  • Non fault recoveries are pursued from day one

Managed Fleet Services

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